The lockdown & social distancing measures hit some people harder than others. A good friend of ours, a personal trainer, lost his only source of income. We pushed him to shift his business to live streaming on his social platforms. The problem then was discoverability, the fact that he had no product to sell, and no convenient way to set up a financial support system. This platform is our solution for all the people in similar situations. We enable community-wide (and cross-community) learning, teaching, entertainment & support.

What it does

A community-based live streaming platform for learning, teaching, and entertainment. We simplify the discovery of high-quality streamed content.

How we built it

Since streaming & storage is really expensive, we are built on the YouTube API, enabling us to be a streaming platform with none of the overhead.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up your own streaming, even with out-of-box services, is really expensive, and not all platforms can be aggregated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The realization that we can actually build this idea around YouTube (for now). It's a win-win-win. We have no streaming overhead. The user can grow both their YouTube viewer base and our platform viewer base. The added discoverability through our platform and we enable you to bypass youtube's built-in support modules, which requires 1,000 subscribers to enable and a youtube account to support.

What we learned

Tons. And we're still learning.

What's next for Eeter

Finishing up the project, doing our launch, collecting feedback & data, ideation, and moving forward.



express.js, javascript, mongoose, node.js, passport.js, youtube

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