What it does Egytips Agency is a local business in Hurghada, Egypt, which aims to bring smiles and joy to all tourists visiting the land of Pharaohs. Here's how you can be a happy tourist:  Travel in autumn and winter! Exotic destinations will help you get rid of the cold in the country, and the prices will be much more friendly with your pocket. When you arrive at the destination, check also the offers of the local agencies, such as Egytips. We all know that it is better to buy locally produced things, and trips are not an exception.

Say YES to holiday adventures! If you stay only in the hotel, you will lose unique experiences: to stand face to face with the Sphinx, to see the pyramids, to walk through temples built over 4,000 years ago! Did I also tell you that in Egypt you can swim with playful dolphins? if you have any questions, we are waiting for a private message in Romanian on Facebook or a phone / Whatsapp message in English or German:

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