Russian Federation is using Imedis electronic frequency healing devices, in combination with Mishin device using 100 years old Tesla technologies and scalar healing, we are able detecting, healing and supporting people who has been or are effected by virus and or types of SARS corona 2 virus

What it does

Imedis device is detecting virus even before entering into our body cells, in this way avoid spreading long time before virus can be detected by ordinary blood samples, when virus is detectable in blood sample, it is already too late  Mishin healing device is Tesla technology produced in Russia, we are using it supporting our body energy systems being able receiving Imedis healing frequencies and adopt these healing changes to our body energy system  Scalar healing technologies developed by Tesla and used under name :tombaladino treatment: These technologies are being adopted and synchronized being used together and in combination with new touch less detecting sensors for Imedis device, allowing scanning of body energy fields potentially without using human operator

How we built it

Devices are being used together . . . first Imedis + Tesla coils for diagnostics . . . then Mishin device using Tesla coils supporting body with energy while coils from Imedis device is sending energy frequencies to our body killing infections . . . then scalar energy device is being used to decompose dead infections to new nutrition in our body rather than poisoning our body, making it possible to heal without use of medical anti inflammatory treatment

Challenges we ran into

We have being testing combination of these existing technologies, biggest challenge has been developing procedures and eliminating errors under human interaction with Imedis diagnostic device Estonian health authorities had banned use of Imedis device until state court recently opened for any methods being used in Estonia for healing people from corona infection

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have successfully been integrating use of these existing technologies together and having impressing results

What we learned

Early detecting corona virus is essential in preventing spreading and providing fast and efficient treatment

What's next for One capsule One Life . . Ether + alcohol + sugar in capsule

This product combination and treatment methods can be put into mass production, provide early detection and healing, fast, safe and at low cost totally without any side effects and or problematic effects from alternative conventional methods administrating medical drugs . . . electronic frequency healing devices are being used in space for healing people who are far from any hospitals or comfort of modern medical facilities, why not using same technologies and beyond for healing people living on Earth, of course we can ! ! !



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