Blueforce is an commercial-of-the-shelf IoT data fusion platform that makes any sensor addressable, discoverable, and shareable on the network.  It has been used by special operations, emergency response, and in industrial workplaces to increase the safety and security of people and working dogs in dangerous situations.  Blueforce creates shared awareness of their location, physiological signs, and environment.  Electronic Medical Countermeasures (eMCM) is the adaptation of an existing Blueforce solution for tactical combat casualty care (TCCC) to remote symptom-monitoring of patients in isolation or self-quarantine, while in transport to triage, and in medical care facilities.

What it does

The objective is to mitigate and contain infection with integrated capability for surveillance, patient monitoring (screening, surveillance, and triage capabilities), and situational awareness to enable the judicious management of medical resources.  Enable ongoing surveillance, rapid triage, appropriate and timely medical evacuation, and more expedient transfer to definitive medical care through real-time, remote physiological monitoring, and the transfer of information to medical systems and the electronic health record (EHR).  Correlate data of symptoms and interventions and use machine learning to improve outcomes.

How we built it

Built on open standards, Blueforce provides a straightforward path to transform disparately formatted sensor data streams into a sensor grid that provides universal access to sensor data from any point on the network and an extensible middleware platform with each node forming a lightweight services bus with its reciprocal subscribers. The proposed capability is based on a dual use platform that simultaneously enables Command and Control (C2) to support pandemic containment operations and an Evidence-Based Research Platform to collect data and use machine learning to be correlate intervention measures and physiological telemetry, in order to improve case outcomes.  The system is implemented across mutually supporting capability layers, consisting of Sensors & Devices, Connectivity, Sensor Fusion, Situational Awareness, Medical Informatics, and Metadata Aggregation.

Challenges we ran into

For this Hackathon we ran into few technical problems as our platform is designed for the rapid integration of sensors and we have quite a bit of experience with body-worn sensors and physiology specifically. What has been made very clear to us is that there are challenges that are non-technical in nature that will have to be overcome to deploy this broadly an in time to make an impact. Sensors and mobile devices will have to be procured quickly in a time where there are supply chain constraints. For this reason we have chosen sensors that are at least currently readily available. Additionally, while we have taken steps to enable the software itself to rapidly deployed, there are significant logistical questions that will need to be handled around scaling rapidly. It is very doable but will require smart logistics and planning decisions and proper resourcing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Blueforce Development takes great pride in supporting our nation’s warfighters and first responders. Our software is in use by a special unit in NYPD charged with responding to threats to that city’s transit system and has been deployed in operations to fight terrorism and protect our borders. We are mission driven and we are now wholly focused on making an impact against COVID-19. This virus represents a clear threat to our country, and I think at this moment we are most proud that we have created a unique and capable platform that can potentially make a material impact and save lives. We want in this fight.

What we learned

This hackathon has dramatically reinforced a lesson that we have learned before. There is tremendous value in being flexible and enabling rapid extensibility and adaptation. While we are usually focused on human adversaries who have the capability to adapt quickly, what we are all facing now makes that problem seem easy. This virus emerged only a few months ago and has now become a global problem, threatening potentially millions of lives. We have designed our core platform to be completely extensible through plug-ins. Hackathons like this one can potentially bring a new game changing sensor or analytics package to the fight, and we have the ability to fully integrate them and make it operational in days without having to architect an entire system. This hackathon has been very validating and eye opening to see what other players are doing. We stand ready to partner with any of them if you think that a combined solution will make an impact.

What's next for Electronic Medical Countermeasures (eMCM) Mitigate & Contain

We are gearing-up production with our existing hardware and software partners, and recruiting new partners with amazing, commercially-available, biomedical devices, human physiology simulators, in which to develop medical algorithms for disease diagnosis, progress assessment, and prediction. We propose a 6-month pilot deployment to support MCM from a single military installation, measuring outcomes in real time for continuous improvement with established internal decision points to replicate and scale to all areas affected by pandemic.

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