Inspiration and what have we done

Due to quarantine, many people have begun to experience anxiety, sadness, loneliness and loss of motivation. Usually a psychologist helps to cope with such problems, but not everyone can openly talk to them about their psychological problems for fear of being judged, even if the consultation takes place online.

That's why we have created Elomia - a virtual friend and psychologist who can listen, understand and help find a way to solve the problem. She is not a living person, so she will never judge you or tell anyone about your conversations. You don't need to sign up in advance - she's always one click away and waiting for your message 24/7.

How we built it

Michael created a neural network that classifies human emotions into 12 parameters, and I found 20 psychologists who agreed to respond to messages on behalf of the bot. Then we launched an advertisement and started getting dialogues between psychologists and real people. We received about 17,000 messages, anonymized them and trained the AI.

Challenges we ran into

We use our own modification of GPT-2, but there is not enough data for its effective work yet. That's why we have developed a special interface through which a part of AI responses are corrected by psychologists in real time: this allows us to maintain confidentiality and get a quality of responses that is much better than other bots, such as Wysa or Replika.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the first user survey, 93% reported that the bot helped them improve their mood, while 57% said they would recommend it to friends.

  • People reported that correspondence with the bot helped them:
  • To improve their relationship with people.
  • Relax and improve your mood
  • Feel the need
  • Deal with the problems
  • Get motivated

What's next for Elomia

We plan to continue training the AI and then transfer Elemia into virtual reality: so that anyone on the planet, no matter where they are or what kind of pandemic they are in the world, can wear virtual reality glasses and interact with a virtual psychologist in the same way as with a living person.

Virtual reality will make it possible to implement psychological techniques that were impossible before and will change the industry of psychology forever.

Because nobody should be alone in a dark place.

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node.js, python, tensorflow

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