Inspiration: Recently, I have been constantly hearing that there are shortage of hospital supplies, facilities and doctors made me thought of this.

What it does: Chatline that promotes hospitals to talk among each other to communicate shortages and give assistance. It's only for healthcare professionals.

How I built it: I used Adobe XD to build a prototype and used Adobe Illustrator to design logos, map, and icons.

Challenges I ran into: Timing, and the map was hard to draw (I used a lot of online references) to create my own.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: being able to contribute with others to possibly help healthcare professional. To create 83 art boards in 4 days is also something I am proud of.

What I learned: I learned that nothing is impossible if we all try. I hesitated that I'd be able to finish this prototype in a short period of time but perseverance does help and the thought of wanting to help.

What's next for EmergciTalks: integrating talk, integrating attachment on to the app, and work on expanding its network not limited to just Canada and United States.




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