When infected with COVID-19, in most serious cases hospitalization and lung ventilation are needed. From statistics, up to 20% of cases develop into quite severe pneumonia putting patients in critical care where 24/7 ventilation is necessary. Even in developed countries with advanced healthcare systems, they are lacking lung ventilation devices in necessary quantities.

What it does

It gives the patients the chance to breathe during the hospitalization period. Providing sustainable breathing with the right amount of volume and pressure. Adjusting to individuals which reduces potential lung damage during artificial ventilation. Rehabilitating patients from COVID-19.

How I built it

Emergency Ventilator was built by using the AMBU bag, sensors, stepper motor, and python code.

Challenges I ran into

Medical requirements and lack of medical expertise.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating an emergency ventilator with full functionality.

What I learned

Medical requirements

What's next for Emergency Ventilator

Get feedback from medical doctors and build MMP.



ambu, python, stepper

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