Empowering Sex Trafficking Survivors During and Beyond the Pandemic

Imagine being a survivor of sex trafficking with limited resources, support, and education.  You’re trying to rebuild your life and escape the cycle of abuse, and now COVID-19 hits.  You feel like the forgotten one; you cannot apply for government grants or funding.  You have no reserves, and severely limited opportunities.  You are at risk of re-entering the sex trade just to survive.  We are an international team of advocates to end sex trafficking and help children and women to survive and thrive in their new lives.

What it does

Send urgent supplies, gift cards, food items to organizations on the frontline to provide basic items for the survivors in need, so they do not return to the sex trafficking industry.

How I built it

Still working on this

Challenges I ran into

We are not in the tech world and need help with the plan, and figuring out a tech platform to support this challenge

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are a group of "Doers", raising awareness of Human Trafficking Globally, raising funds and rallying people into action to help through Free_Them Toronto Walk, Corporate Speaker Events, The Power Of Film with

What I learned

People want to help and need a guideline of Where, What, Who, How

What's next for  Empowering Sex Trafficking Survivors

Getting needed supplies list out in the world, where to send, how to help

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