The solution’s impact to the crisis

Too boost economy after COVID we decided to focus on startups and founders. Increase number and quality of startups in ecosystem.

The problem your project solves // Inspiration

Not each startuper, especcially on early stage has access to mentor which can guide him and help with knowledge. This is why fail rate of early startups is so high. Also, we were in trouble founding relevant information regarding current stage of startup. In internet there are millions of tons of materials and founder can easily get lost in it.

What it does // The solution you bring to the table

We are going to give each startuper and pre-startuper access to individual mentor to improve chances of success. Focus on 2 things: a) raising quality + relevance compared to google searches, and b) making it easier to acquire needed skills in relevant phases/stages (special thanks to mentors to help unhide this) We are helping people to start companies and get of the ground in pre-startup and early startup stages and gain qualitative momentum by: making it easier to acquire most relevant to current startup stage/phase skills and knowledge guiding through early stages flow raising quality and relevance compared to search engines

How we built it // What you have done

We developed MPV with access to all materials we have gathered (for domain startups) and already published it within internet for FREE (

The necessities in order to continue the project

Access to governmental divisions that might be interested in it. Startup ecosystem, universities and schools, job centres and unemployment funds

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

This approach might be used not only for startup ecosystem, but to reskill people in case they lost their job due to automation (Share of EU workers at risk of automation = 375M 2020-2030)

The URL to the prototype [Github, Website,...]


Challenges I ran into

As our vision is quite big (fully automated Mentor) it is challenging to focus on small MVP parts and get valuable and usable deliverable in short iteration. But we have managed a lot.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

OPEN and FREE access to most relevant materials for each potential founder on the EARTH. We believe this will increase number and improve quality of sturtups, which will give boost to countries and each citizen.

What we have learned

to prioritize

What's next for EnderTuring - AI Mentor

cataloguing material (we have more than 2000 relevant and high quality materials now and neet to analyze and create knowledge for startups)  making guidance even more qualitative personalize guidance improve flow

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