The lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis and compliance with safety standards and social distance, leads many professionals to the "forced" use of the home office. However, not all industries and professions allow remote working. Confined at home some individuals and families can be exposed to a substantial loss of income while their basic costs can not be reduced. The struggles of these individuals got us eager to work on a solution that would enable and inspire them to provide services which would support them in reducing their living costs but at the same time benefit and have a positive impact on society. We therefore framed our challenge to be: How might we enable people without the possibility to work from home in their current jobs to reduce basic expenses and benefit society at the same time?

The Problem

Due to the Coronavirus, most of the population has to stay home and an unprecedented amount of people cannot work or are now unemployed. As of April 4, almost a quarter of the Swiss working population (1.3 million people) were on short time unemployment (source).These people have to survive with their current funds, with nothing to do but sit at home. How can we give these people something to do, help them survive, encourage the whole public to stay at home and improve the whole community?

The Solution

With enGaGe, a simple, multi-platform application that will allow people to provide and receive services (be it online or local). People willing to provide services like grocery shopping or an online yoga class can be connected to people having these specific needs. The services are free, however the volunteers will receive GG coins based on a certain number of activities or unit of time for their work, which they can then use in exchange for discounts on their basic needs (e.g. groceries, rent, utilities; depending on what companies are willing to partner up with us). With this they can reduce their basic expenses.

How it works

The Giver

Someone with more time on their hands than usual will be able to sign up and select what kind of activities they would like to provide.

The Receiver

Can request services or search for services already provided by #Givers, sign up, and participate/receive the service. They are also able to rate the services provided which will establish a system of accountability and trust.

What's next for enGaGe

At the moment enGaGe is only a concept. But with the help of talented and passionate developers and designers, we can make it possible to support our communities and most of all support Switzerland. Other countries that are facing even larger challenges will be able to learn from us and apply it quickly as well. We also need partners that care for the community and would be willing to provide discounts for our volunteers. These partners will not only be able to immensely improve their public image by helping citizens in the short-term but also ensure customer loyalty in the long-term beyond periods of crisis. The enGaGe ecosystem has the potential to create an active community providing free services with the incentive of GG coins.

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