An easy way to be productive while having fun in quarantine!

What it does

Combats quarantine boredom

Based on your interests, it creates a spontaneous schedule of fun but productive tasks for you to do

Text notifications to remind you to do a task

On startup, enter what time you are free that day and what activities you are interested in

At the scheduled time, a notification with a link to resources about your activity is sent to you

How We built it

SMS-based functionality was built with the Twilio API and Node.js/Express App wrapper was built with Xamarin in C#

Challenges We ran into

Using all of the languages/frameworks for the first time and applying it to our project

Getting the Twilio/Node backend to communicate with the Xamarin front-end  (involved converting Xamarin inputs into .json format for Twilio API)

Distributing workload between all team members

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Gaining new knowledge about Xamarin, Twilio, and Javascript

Creating a functional Android app

What We learned

We were completely new to all aspects of the project, so we learned Twilio, Node/Express (and JavaScript!), and Xamarin all on the fly.

What's next for Engage

Hosting a larger database of activities

Editing activity times in real time

Allowing for a general schedule that only needs to be set up once

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c#, express.js, node.js, twilio, xamarin

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