Here in Europe, this situation started beginning of March. I saw empty shelves in drug stores and super markets -- especially with missing soap, toilet paper, kitchen & bad supplies and some other essentials.

What it does

We're making sure, essential products are available for persons & institutions, who need it most. We're getting access for

  • people to affordable food & cleaning goods,
  • medicals to protective gear and products and
  • small and medium-sized enterprises to ensuring their cash-flow.

How I built it

We're building a Machine Learning pipeline to analyze our data. We're analyzing data in a polyglot manner using Python 2/3, Java and R in a Docker-based Microservices. We're making API contracts using gRPC and host anything in the Cloud provisioned by Kubernetes.

Challenges I ran into

It was hard to get access to and unify our data.



api, docker, java, kpi-dashboard, kubernetes, python

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