The COVID-19 procedures in Poland and other countries point several steps to be taken to prevent coronavirus spread. Firstly, medical procedures require a person to be suspected of coronavirus contact with an appropriate medical institution. The ministry warns against appearing in the clinic in person. The problem lays in the situation when potentially infected people cannot contact appropriate medical institutions by phone (usually the lines are busy, which is a significant problem in Poland). The application would allow improving the notification system. Thanks to the application, medical institutions responsible for introducing appropriate procedures for a potential patient could receive information about a given patient with suspected illness and conduct further procedures immediately. There are two application purposes. It enables a suspected person to report his or her medical state as fast as possible to the medical institution, and the appropriate institution, to gather a preliminary interview to be able to assess the risk and identify further steps. To be simple, the application facilitates interviewing with potentially infected people.

  • A user suspecting of having illness logs in the application and fills out the application form - a standard medical interview. The form along with the user's GPS history is sent to the admin (institution processing the applications).
  • An employee of the institution opens a web application in which he or she sees reports sent by the patients. He/She decides, who of the reported people, are going to be tested on coronavirus
  • When a person is identified as infected, the employee marks them in the system. Then the notification is sent to the people who were in the vicinity of the infected person via mobile app (we check it by GPS track)

What it does

It solves the problem of fast-reacting and dealing with the segregation of infected people from healthy ones. Also, it provides information on possible infected ones and starts the treatment as soon as possible. Once everyone will use the app, the information will flow to doctors and health institutions. Also, the app will solve the problems with contacting the sanitary-epidemiological station or other medical institutions responsible for introducing appropriate procedures for a potential patient.

How we built it

Our idea was to create a mobile application and the admin tool in the cloud. Therefore, we will need 2-3 days to implement the application in mobile stores. The admin part, as embedded in the cloud, does not need additional technical implementation. It will be an institutions' role to add users. The prototype app won't be scale, however, the final and complete version assumes scaling.

Challenges we ran into

We created the app in just 96hrs working in a remote mode. The biggest challenge was to organize a team in a very short time and synchronize their work most efficiently remotely.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The EpidemicApp is created to help people discover the potential and actual infection risk in their areas. Thanks to the interview modules, quick check and thus, easier access to the specialist, it may help prevent the virus spread all over the area. What’s more, it will prevent healthy people from virus impact and make them stay home longer if necessary. The real-time alerts are here to control risky situations.

  • Fast and verified access to the infected people
  • A reliable source of information on quarantine and possible solutions for potentially infected ones
  • Alert for people who would have even minimal contact with infected ones and deal with further steps to keep safe
  • Shortened way to implement medical institution procedures when dealing with infected or possibly infected people
  • Knowledgebase and information center for everyone who may be in the COVID epicenter
  • It provides reliable data and statistics on the number of suspected to be infected by COVID-19.

What we learned

We improved our know-how related to mobile apps development and for the first time we used built-in GPS module that will help locate vulnerable people, and, at the same time, warn those around about the risk of COVID-19 infection.

What's next for EpidemicApp

In our opinion, this tool can be used by every country where people struggle with contacting the institutions responsible for introducing appropriate procedures during the epidemics. It can also help with monitoring infected people as well as use telemedicine for remote health treatment. This tool may potentially reduce the time people spend trying to access medical institutions. Thanks to the advanced technology the advanced algorithms can decide the order of medical visits depending on the patient's symptoms.

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