To have a real time simulation and understand trend of epidemic or pandemic, also to prevent an epidemic or a pandemic just collect data coming from emergency department

What it does

EPS collect data real time from emergency department (anonymized) database real time and with an Artificial Intelligence engine is able to determine if an epidemic or a pandemic is coming to alert health organizations. Also if we have an epidemic is able to prevent pandemic working in connection with travel database (fly database, ship database, traffic on road, google map vision) using A.I. engine to understand what happens with virus or bacteria circulation. EPS is a granular system to explore what happens in a little town, or in a country coming to entire world vision.

How I built it

Principal language is Python, but some module are write in other language as for example Java or language for DB connection. Some part for ANN and KNN are write in Python and R

Challenges I ran into

To accelerate adoption of necessary prevention step and prevent use of emergency room in Hospital

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are using this model during covid19 emergency in Italy and prevision are every days accurate and rights.

What I learned

Its important to have correct data and study correctly, A.I. is the right way to understand.

What's next for EPS (Epidemic Pandemic Simulator)

We hope this system can be used at Institutional Level (Government, Health National Organization, and in other nations)



python, r

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