The motivation for building this is to empower E-residents from around the world to self-organise and support one another. We believe Universal Basic Income will be a key facet of our future and we're interested in pushing the boundaries of decentralised infrastructure and economic incentives to make it happen. There are already 60k E-residents around the world which can act as an important foundation upon which to run UBI experiments.

What it does

Estonia DAO will be a decentralised organisation owned and operated by the 60k+ e-residents from around the world, utilising a DAO built with Aragon. The DAO will allow members to self-organise, collectively own assets and exchange time for services with one another.

How I built it

It's not built yet. But it will be soon! And you're welcome to join us.

Challenges I ran into

  • Automatically converting Kudos points into Kudos tokens shown in the DAO
  • Convincing the Estonian government that they should partner with us
  • Alienating some community members with discussions that sometimes get too technical/blockchain centric
  • Keeping our decentralised community engaged

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We already have a Discord group of over 80 members!

What I learned

  • Communities don't organise themselves. They require core team members to be the mesh that keeps everyone together.
  • Things can runner in a decentralised community and not everything should be voted on. It's good to have squad leaders that have already proven themselves and are respected by other community participants.

What's next for Estonia DAO

We've already created the DAO. Now we're in the process of connecting it to the Estonian government API to authenticate e-residents. The next step is to onboard over 100 members into the DAO by the end of April and work out an onboarding flow that works for non-technical citizens.

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