Etherpad has seen a spike in demand since Covid19 went live.  It's clear we are needed so now we're trying to mobilize our efforts.

What it does

Etherpad connects people and gives them a tool to solve problems.

How I built it

Our community has been live since 2008 (I think), we're a long standing project with an active user base.  We <3 Javascript and the Web.  Everything is Javascript, nodejs.  We shy away from being overly hipster but we're open to new approaches and solutions from developers.  More importantly, we <3 Open source and often fund other projects through our foundation (which is part of Software Freedom Conservancy [a registered 501c3]).

Challenges I ran into

Maintaining such a big code base and keeping our community momentum.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Etherpad is used in pretty much every major world event that involves democracy or liberty.

What I learned

Practically everything.  Without Etherpad I wouldn't have been involved in building a better Internet.

What's next for Etherpad

Modernization of certain parts of the code.  Close Black Hole bugs.  Release 1.9 and promote Etherpad as a clear and viable open source alternative to Google Docs, Jitsi, Zoom etc.




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