Some Businesses are overloaded with demand, they are struggling to deliver the same At the same time, other Businesses are facing extensive losses due to lack of safe platform for their customers to reach them

What it does

Agile Business Platforms which can plug and play, across different sectors based on the situation while maintaining balance across resources within the society

How I built it

This proposal's initial phase does not need any technical implementation but will leverage existing platform to add additional business segments

Challenges I ran into

Change Management will be the key Challenge in this journey, to create awareness, desire and knowledge about the change and value it brings

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Unearthing the avenues available within current system which needs to be synergized

What I learned

We don't need to depend on big corporates and governments to create an impact and contribute to society

What's next for Existing Platforms Integration to address current Challenges

Scale and optimize to expand in additional unorganized territories and also cater to additional commodities and thereby increase product portfolio




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