Face masks will become a common head mounting device in the near future.  You can see some in movies: Netflix's Altered carbon resleeved disco scene. Guardians of the Galaxy's Starlord's face mask. The idea is to combine face mask with AR glasses, and smartphone features. There are many pollutions in the air. It is not only the virus. Volcanoes, dust, bad environment. The HMD for filtering the air and protecting your eyes, nose, and mouth from touches or drops, will also provide you with all your favorite smartphone features.

What it does

  • filters the air
  • protects your eyes, nose, mouth, maybe ears
  • camera
  • smartphone functionality
  • AR-glasses
  • snorkeling features maybe

How I built it

I will combine a kind of a snorkeling mask with an AR and smartphone. Or. I will need a Service designer to gather the best (min/max) features, then a product designer and focus group to evaluate his work, group of engineers with software and hardware expertise. I will build the MVP. Run Tests. Improve. Produce it. Sale it. Profit.

Challenges I ran into

To be faster than others. Or to sell the idea or prototype and have an appropriate price :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have built the first Ukrainian bumblebee plant from scratch as CEO. Now I am a business development in a military startup that combines see-through armor 360 view with AR glasses

What I learned

Never stop. Run fast. Team is essential

What's next for Facemask

As a portable AR wearing device, it has a wide industrial application, I'm sure.


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