Fake news spread faster than COVID-19 itself and creates panic in public. We encounter many fake tweets in our family whatsapp group of FB news feed. I wanted a method to verify if that tweet is genuine or not before sharing it further

What it does

Given tweet screenshot, identifies :

  • If Tweeter Handle in screenshot exists in real or not.
  • If Tweeter Handle exits, either he posted that tweet o
  • It will link screenshot with its original tweet
  • System will showcase list of fake tweets currently circulating
  • System will keep a record of all different image urls that contain same image/tweet. It will help us to link same tweet screenshot on difference sources.

Download Chrome Extension

How I built it

I combined OCR with Twitter API which verifies tweet's authenticity. Chrome extension for enables user to "Check Tweet's Authenticity" on just one click on that image.

Challenges I ran into

Training of OCR was biggest challenge. e.g It confuses capital 'i' I and small 'L' l as they both look same. Handeling such OCR issues was biggest challenge

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

More than 500+ tweets are authenticated using in less last 4 days and many were identified as FAKE. I consider it an achievement if this service is helping to stop fake news to spread further.

What I learned

Do not blame society on problems. Play your part and Be a one who adds something to correct that problem.

What's next for

Phase 1 is ready and now I'm looking forward to next phases in coming days -- PHASE 2 -- Once we have enough data, we will mark accounts frequently used for speading fake tweets. -- PHASE 3 --

  • Third phase includes to introduce "Credebility Score 1-10"
  • Credibility Score will be given on factual authenticity of text using citation and references that endorses fact.

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