The #VersusVirus Local Food For All - Challenge:  "How can the positive effects (higher demand for farmers produce directly from farm) on sustainable products (i.e. vegetables) be moved into the times after Corona? How can we foster better structures for direct marketing to support this demand in the future?"


Transparency, honesty and communication are key in order to build strong relationships between local producer and consumers

What it does

FarmoMeter is an online platform gathering information about Swiss farmers’ production and listing direct sales options. It can be accessed freely by anyone. By providing timely information such as the location and price of available goods, transparency and accessibility will be ensured. This will be the basis for spreading information about local, seasonal production on various channels, such as newspaper, radio, etc. During the current covid-19 crisis, this platform also aims at supporting the distribution of products that farmers cannot sell on weekly markets because of the lockdown.

What's next for FarmoMeter

  1. Collaborate with institutions to build up the preliminary database (e.g. Bauernverband, Agroscope)
  2. Construct the FarmoMeter platform
  3. Promote it to the farmers for them to open an account and feed their production information
  4. Spread it across media channels such as tv, radio, newspapers

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