We're sure many of you have seen the heartbreaking video of the nurse (in the UK) crying because she couldn't buy food after a long shift. We don't think this should ever happen, in fact, we don't think any of those working to save us should have to worry about what to eat at all.

NHS workers are risking it all amidst COVID-19, so that we can get back to our normal lives and we want to work with the public, whether they be individuals or companies, to help. We are partnering with local restaurants and delivery drivers in the community to deliver meals to NHS staff so they don’t have to worry about meals.

What it does

Critical care and support workers don’t have to worry about finding food or cooking after working hard for us.  Restaurants get business, more than they otherwise would have  Drivers get work, more than they otherwise would have

How I built it

We contacted local hospitals to see if they were willing to accept delivery and sourced local restaurants willing to deliver.  Got a team of junior doctors and med students to build out contacts in local hospitals worst hit and sourced local restaurants.  Fund have been raised via GoFundMe

Challenges I ran into

Finding safe locations to drop food off, Getting access to cash via fundraising platforms,  Picking the right restaurants that can deliver

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We've delivered over 300 meals to front line staff and to 3 different hospitals.

What's next for Feed The Workers

We want to find a way to automate a lot of what we are doing so that local communities can raise money and choose the food that goes to their local hospital.  Restaurants and drivers can submit their availabilities and prices.  Hospitals can submit safe locations and people to collect the food.

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