The world economy is expected to decline significantly due to the global restrictions. The state of emergency has globally affected us already, bringing bankruptcy, downsizing of employees and significant budget cut-backs in numerous companies. Millions of people all over the world are losing their jobs. And no job equals no money.  Therefore, a lot of people are going to depend on social welfare, while public social institutions are overloaded as it is. Not to mention people to whom help might not be available, because they’re too old or sick to contact anyone and let them know, they need aid. Seems like a lose-lose situation. Luckily, we have seen certain redistributions in some sectors, such as tourism, event management, restaurant businesses, etc. People are providing free food for those in need, because at the moment, there are not enough “regular consumers” for them to cater anyway. Here’s where FeedMe comes into play, acting as a catalyst between free food providers and those, who need help.

What it does

We are roadmapping people in need of aid, by collecting and verifying phone numbers of those people and tying them to a physical pinpointed location. This allows us to build a semi-anonymous database and statistics of the amount of help an area might need. The phone number, location and other information can be used to communicate any central food help options when they become available, also accounting how much help they can provide. Providers can also sign up and get verified to see a map of the area they are in and choose who they can help by possibly delivering food to their location and letting them know about it. With a central database we can put more effort into keeping the data valid and active and protect as much private information as possible, while still helping those people.

How will we build it

We will build an open-source web app landing page with the most modern tools and services that allows signing up into the database via SMS verification or just signing up via sending an SMS to a number and answering some questions if we have time for that. There will be a separate option for providers to sign up to use the database and provide any help that would trigger notifications and confirmations via SMS communication on the signupee side. Any central help providers like soup kitchens, can just trigger a notification with information to X amount of nearby signupees.


  • Finishing the development of the provider side MVP on time
  • Reaching the people who need help
  • Protecting the personally identifiable data of signupees while allowing providers to help with minimum effort
  • Finding providers and verifying their intents
  • Not discriminating any signupees while protecting the system from abuse

What's next for FeedMe

Developing automization of how to bring together free food providers, couriers and volunteers. Also building a secure public API for integrating with any possible future partners who could help with logistics.

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faunadb, graphql, next.js, twilio

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