SME experiencing huge problems, while they still play a huge role in economic. How we could help them?

What it does

Selling products and services of SME's with a discount or awesome offers for future use. Customer buys now, give money that could save the business and come for the product after quarantine ends.

How I built it

Currently, the prototype constructed in Figma

Challenges I ran into

Connecting business and pr among community

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Awesome team of designers and developers

What I learned

Need to develop PR

What's next for Fenix Covid

Creat and working app, upload it to store and connect business and communities



but-use-the-product-after-quarantine-ends.-by-doing-this-customer-will-help-sme-to-stay-alive-and-not-to-become-bankrupts.-they-will-gain-extra-income-to-pay-for-rent, react-native-wrapper-webview, the-customer-buys-now, vuejs

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