Currently COVID-19 infection rates are unknown and authorities' data is largely based on statistical estimates. ​Only a portion of the infected are diagnosed. What begun as a Twitter conversation about potential solutions quickly escalated into development work.

What it does

The Fevermap Web and Mobile App is an open data, open source code solution where sick and healthy users anonymously submit their daily symptoms, motivated by daily question prompts. The data can be used by authorities to cross-check their estimates. Fevermap offers real-time data collection opportunities concerning infections prevalence, recovery times and re-infection rates. It is available in 14 languages at the moment and can be scaled globally.

How we built it

We are a volunteer-based team of professionals who begun working on Fevermap as part of Hack the Crisis Finland on 20.3. We created the basis for the app in just 48 hours and have continued to develop it on a hectic schedule for the past weeks.

Challenges we ran into

We need a lot of data in order to produce quantifiable results and it has been difficult to gain enough visibility for this, as we are yet to collaborate with authorities who would help us promote the product. If you feel like you could help us with these challenges, please join us on our Slack or on Gitlab from our web site!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to create the beta version of the app in just 48 hours.

What we learned

Effective, engaged team work is valuable!

What's next for Fevermap

We are improving and adding features, using user feedback as basis. We are also contacting officials and negotiating about collaboration. We are looking to collaborate with an authority who wants to participate in a pilot and later us to examine and prove the validity of our data gathering hypothesis using scientific methods and peer review. We are also aiming to invest in IT operations and development to refine the functionality of the App and related computer systems, and ensure their reliable and secure operations. Lastly, we intend to develop a handbook and best practices for authorities to use Fevermap in their local region.

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