Inspired by the main common efforts from various governments by "Stay home, stay safe" in order to contain the spread of the virus I had the idea of gamefying the entire experience while providing meaningful information on the latest updates. That would be beneficial for both spread out information in a fun matter and help to combat/prevent the COVID19 spread.

What it does

Essentially by tracking ones device location, it would warn the person the percentual risk of infection when going out of home, e.g. for shopping, for a walk or for work, so that ones could choose the less risky place to go if the hypothetical task is unavoidable. That probability calculation would be done by estimating the amount of people you could get in contact with, combining it with the location of known confirmed and still active cases. The app would show some kind of thermometer to highlight the potential risk.  On the positive side, the app would also track in quarantine activities such as exercises at home (ideally from smartbands/watches, but also potentially from the mobile usage) cooking, social media posts, increasing the user score after those activities and reminding the great benefit of keep doing them. The reminders would be given in the form of Daily rewards depending on estimates of how many people the user avoided physical contact with (lifes saved), and how much money they saved by doing those tasks from home instead of outside. As those scores/points or even game cash would be cumulative, they could be traded by rewards like shopping online or, once the main virus threat is beaten in real life, by social activities like hang out with friends.

It is easy to find online from various resources the number of new cases per country, or even city/state

How I built it

I've looked into various submitted projects and slack for inspiration and just had that idea of mine which I am going to start implementing asap using mainly Angular framework and Angular Material design to expedite the UI development.

Challenges I ran into

It is being hard at the moment to engage people to bring the idea to real life, the deadlines can be a bit tight depending on ones schedules and on the other hand the overflow of great ideas can make it hard to convince people to team up for my project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think I had a great idea and can genuinely see that making a huge difference on peoples lifes even after the crisis by generalizing the "cause" which could me whatever the person is interested in fighting for, going from personal causes like Fight Smoking to global impactful ones as Fight Poverty, or Famine.

What I learned

While it was imported to be pushed and motivated by this hackathon, I could have already started that project if I had an earlier initiative, we can achieve whatever we want with determination, daring and working together.

What's next for Fight [cause = COVID19]

Develop the prototype with at least one warning set working for visiting specific locations and two home activities that score amusement, fight boredom and in the current scenario, can save lifes.

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angular8, angularmaterial,, java8, kaggle, trello

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