Knowledge is power. Up to date stats delivered at the speed of voice in people's living rooms and kitchens is a great tool to leverage to FIGHT CORONA.

What it does

FIGHT CORONA is an Alexa voice skill that provides the latest statistics from

How I built it

I built it with Python leveraging BeautifulSoup and AWS- Lambda for the serverless execution. I am using Twilio API to send SMS

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that, in just about a day, I was able to put together a working prototype. The power of serverless and elastic scale that is so core to current day computing came to my rescue.

What I learned

I learned that programming is a team sport even when you are isolated and quarantined. While I could not go lean on a buddy at work, I was able to lean and learn from various sites and learning tools. If you are motivated, there are answers out there and there are people on the forums that are willing to help you...

What's next for Fight Corona

Given this is a prototype, I would love to see if this can be scaled to an actual publishable skill. I hear Amazon has a lockdown on all COVID skills but hope they lift it for the ones that make sense. Delivering time-series based ML insights on this data (I see many sites are into it ; need to find a reliable one) and customizing SMS delivery are opportunbities

Reliable data at the speed of voice is a great tool to have during these times ..



amazon-alexa, amazon-web-services, aws-lambda, python, twilio

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