Inspiration. I was staying indoors after out president declared a stay home order, so I got bored playing PS4, then thought of what my lousy stay would do to help with fighting the virus, I thought I needed to build something so simple that people won't have hard time accessing yet very useful via informational resource, and Messenger bot was a priority choice.

What it does. It updates users with information about Covid19 cases, new infections to users, presents all the contact details for District Health Officials (DHOs) of every district, shows symptoms and preventive measures, and give out FAQs about the the virus and provides a General Toll-Free phone line for emergency response team of the Ministry of Health of Uganda.

How I built it . I used the Chatfuel framework for building Messenger-based apps (bots).

Challenges I ran into .I had challenges in collecting local data for presenting new infection cases and getting the bot to reach more people in my country..

Accomplishments that I'm proud of . The bot is receiving good responses and reviews from some testers.

What I learned . I've learned that anything can be built so long as there's a motivation.

What's next for Fight Covid19 Uganda . After the Covid19 pandemic getting down, the app will shift to helping in fighting another deadly killer disease or epidermic.

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chatfuel, messenger, node.js

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