Seeing many suffer from the disease due to patients 'lack of commitment to stay at home and patients' need for early diagnosis, psychotherapy and immune booster

What it does

Diagnose symptoms electronically Connect the patient to doctors and put the problem to the public to help with the solution Remote psychological therapy and immunity booster Keeping doctors from facing patients and using telemedicine according to communication capabilities and early diagnostic tools Monitor patients and their movement, especially the quarantined

How I built it

mobile app ( angular ionic - js)

Challenges I ran into

Providing a small chip linked to the GPS system that is attached to the patient's bracelet, which is practical, cheap and sends signals to the program on mobile

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Designing several programs that serve the educational process And participate in helping people in many situations and events And provide people with ideas Design program with Ionic 4

What I learned

Convenience in educating people and benefiting them to face danger and challenges and providing world peace

bold What's next for fight covid19 bold

Develop it to meet greater challenges and link it to ِAI and machine learning



angular.js, ionic

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