If you're a UVA student like me, you'd want to get your required books for free without spending too much time finding them. That's how the idea for Find Free Books was born.

What it does

This project takes in an excel sheet of book titles, authors, and ISBN/ISSNs and searches Virgo (one of UVA's research tools) for those books. It outputs links to the free resources (along with the titles of the books) to a separate spreadsheet. The user can then view the spreadsheet to see all the free resources the automation found.

How I built it

I used UIPath to search Virgo for books, copy the links that Virgo found, and create the spreadsheet of titles and links to the books.

Challenges I ran into

I had to learn the UIPath interface as I went and found some things like dynamic selectors confusing to use at first.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I got all of my different project components (processing the excel sheet, searching Virgo, retrieving the links from Virgo, and outputting the links and titles to a final spreadsheet) to work.

What I learned

I am now a more familiar with UIPath's user interface.

What's next for Find Free Books

Searching more databases that offer free books to the general public, not just to UVA students.

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excel-app, ie, rpa, uipath, vb, windows-10

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