FIND MY Exposure (or MAP My Exposure)-  I believe Google is working on something like this- but it could be different- my idea combines and leverages existing technologies - think of Waze, self-reporting your stage and illness (not just Covid-19 (Dr. verified if need be)...showing symptoms, awaiting test results, positive, negative (or recovered- or Inactive), turning on location services for better tracking (not sure about you- but typically, I couldn’t tell you where I was 8 days ago, let alone 14...but my phone could. This would have opt in text alerts if you have come in contact with someone and heat mapping (color code- similar to pollen counts and traffic maps) WE need to care about the “WE” not just the “ME”- a Communicable disease will take a Community solution. This would show incredible faith in the human race as individuals. Location services could map us all over periods of time to alert anyone to exposure.

This could be critical in several ways: 1)  Tracking the history down to date & time of exact locations of infected people including incubation phase 2)  Mitigation of risk by alerting & sanitizing those locations quicker 3)  Cross referencing those locations & times with others that where in close proximity and sending out text alerts to those that were exposed 4)  Determining exposure and alerting people via text message that need to be tested, even if they are not showing symptoms- which would lead to earlier containments & self-quarantines 5)  Pinpointing carriers that are asymptomatic

I think it would help in many ways most of which would be accuracy. It would also show safe zones so we don’t have complete economic shut down...also I think people trust each other more than governments and bureaucracies which have already admitted that their method for reporting “recoveries” is failed. Quite frankly- by now we may have all seen flaws in the “numbers” lack of tests etc... showing symptoms or “tested or awaiting results” could be another status and means of reporting. This would more accurately identify and alert people that came within 6ft if someone in the “past 14 days” - for better precautions for them to self-isolate if someone tests positive. Consider this - there are people (bodies) that have tested positive for COVID 19- but it is NOT on the death certificate - so you might see ARDS or pneumonia does that count as a COVID death?- my sources say no- There are so many nuances on how these numbers are being reported and they change - for instance some countries are not counting “re-infections/ recurrences- So that may work from a perspective of percentage of country affected overall- but how about recoveries or active cases? I have more faith in "self-reporting" and that is what this app would be and it would be OPT in each person can use whatever alias/ username they want - much like WAZE, and when people see the benefits more will jump on board.## Inspiration: I know there are not many original thoughts, this is just taking what we already know and putting it to good use. This is just a "mash up" that can grow to more.

What it does: It can save lives How I built it: I didn't, which underscores the importance of community and projects like this. I would need help/ volunteers. Challenges I ran into: I simply do not have the skills. Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Just being love and giving love, and having fun while I'm here. What I learned" What each of us does or doesn't do impacts all of us. We all learned balance regarding giving and receiving - this challenge is the transverse of that-- we don't want to give it no receive it! What's next for Find My Exposure: I think it can reach beyond COVID 19, and a cover flu or other exposures to help people that are high risk and have compromised immune systems, like those with cancer.


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