81% of Gen Z globally are stressed about managing finances. Time and money is wasted with not having been taught the basics of personal finance at home or school. With 3000+ signed up on our mission, the importance at this time to take control and achieve financial freedom is evident for a student or fresh grad.

What it does

Finllect is a personal finance mobile application is aimed at improving the financial literacy of 16 to 25 year-olds through bite-sized videos, articles, and podcasts on how to: save, budget, earn, invest and improve financial wellness. Users can also track their expenses, scan and store receipts, create and monitor budgets, and earn rewards on the app.

How we built it

Our team with background in tech, design, content and marketing built the product on React Native.

Challenges we ran into

Finding product-market fit, which we overcame through rigorous reiterations from user feedback and testing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having built a commnuity of 3000+ young people in the UAE in span of 6 months who value their financial freedom and Finllect is helping them achieve their goals.

What we learned

Financial literacy is deprived in today's education system and digitizing a taboo topic will require building awareness.

What's next for Finllect

Building our content and automating tracking capabilities, so the app can be put to scale for use worldwide.

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