My cousin Hector from the Philippines, where the daily salary is only £4. He often asks me for money, which I'm happy to send, but the process is long and complicated. I can only imagine how frustrating this process can be for a Filipino nurse working on the frontline against the coronavirus. I want to change that.

What it does

Flamingo allows someone to request money from a family member working abroad via email, text, or their favourite messaging app. The sender receives all the information they need, then taps send. Simple. The recipient's ewallet is updated, and the sender receives reward points to use on a loyalty programme.

How I built it

Currently building it with a team.

Challenges I ran into

Currently looking to build MVP and test with beta users.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building the prototype and testing it with users to figure out what they need.

What I learned

Lots. One thing is that keyworkers need all the help they can get right now during the pandemic.

What's next for Flamingo Money Transfer

Bring the solution to first group of beta users.

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node.js, react-native

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