I got inspired by mr. vimal daga a world record holder(LINUX WORLD) . he is working on innovative ideas to prevent this pandemic.

What it does

During this pandemic people are checking temperature by using thermal camera. so i came with an idea to use drone which is AI enabled and attached with a thermal camera. the drone will go to the person and check temperature and temperature will be note down using the program using R-CNN. further using AI technique we can use a speaker which says normal temperature or anything else according to the situation.

How I built it

Using drone kit and R-CNN

What I learned

i learned how we can check temperature without going to the person and tell them if they are having normal temperature or not.

What's next for Flying thermal camera

R-CNN can do only image recognition . I'm trying to add a voice recognition to the drone so we can talk by that drone without any physical appearence .



anaconda, artificialintelligence, python, r-cnn

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