According COVID'19 many people isolated it self at home, and we have many country isolated it self, so most of isolated people need some consulting in Ways of life such as need doctor, technician, teacher,Pediatrician,Physician,Veterinary Doctor, Fitness, ...

and most of people can't go out side of home and need this services so we have  created a mobile app that can user register as consulting provider or need provider  then app will offer to make chat, voice and video calling between them to help.

for example people from Italy get Help from Canada by using FollowUp mobile app.

What it does

FollowUp is a mobile app let users contact each other from the world and ask expert  when they stay at home in isolation environment and need help , then the expert people will answer there questions

How we built it

We used Android studio and firebase db, and iOS

Challenges we ran into

FollowUp is now text chat and looking to provide video and voice

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we have created new chat app for future life after COVID'19

What we learned

Learned that Satay people can help other isolated people using FollowUp mobile app

What's next for Follow Up

Payment membership, add Voice and Video chat app, also add feature of read a health tools such as heart rate, blood pressure, ...

we have uploaded it t google play console  for first version




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