Machine learning can detect covid by xray images, machine learning can predict how many will die. ML can do this because it has data to train on. I would like to get data needed for machine learning to find out how to boost my immune system against covid with food that I eat

What it does

This is google form, with 2 sections of questions: 1) what do you eat? (data to train on) 2) is your covid case was easy or hard (target data)

How I built it

This is simple google form.

Challenges I ran into

I don't know how to get contacts of people who tested positive for covid and willing to feel out the form

Accomplishments that I'm proud of


What I learned

At this point, it is not even clear what to ask in a form and I guess this should be weekly questionary. Since only by mining some data we would be able to decide which questions to ask

What's next for "Machine learning asks about covid-19"

We need to contact some organization that can contact people who tested positive and ask them if they will to help by providing information If we would be able to get it going, we would need to do weekly questionary, since at this point we don't know what questions to ask, we can ask general question like "what do you usually it?" and then if ML find some patterns, we would be able to ask more specific questions

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