Celebrations. First dates. Family time. Restaurants have done their part to give our bellies a smile, and now, it's time to do our part to help our local restaurants survive. With a passion to utilize our skills to better our communities and after coming across countless heartbreaking stories of the 12 million Americans struggling during this dark period, we just knew we needed to do something, which is why we created Foodies United.

What it does

Foodies United is more that just a list of restaurants for people to discover which businesses are offering gift cards, take-out, or delivery. Most importantly, it's a movement for everyone to unite, share positivity, and build a community for restaurants to receive hope and inspiration to move forward during this dark period.

How I built it

We first looked into what APIs were available for us. With Yelp's open APIs, we used that as our constraint to quickly create an MVP that will add value to the 13M Americans in the restaurant industry.

Challenges I ran into

Time. Working two jobs and building a product out of nothing took a lot of focus, determination, and an incredible team to make happen. We also had to really focus on the true features that were necessary to deliver our MVP. The earlier we got this out, the quicker we could help our communities.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating something that brought together a community of folks together. This project not only is aimed to help the 13M Americans impacted, but it inspired ourselves during our time of feeling helpless and heartbreak by current events.

What I learned

It's difficult to scale and we had to ruthlessly prioritize our key feature sets for the MVP. With the basic functions, we hope to launch and continue to build more features once we gain more adoption and user feedback.

What's next for Foodies United

Completing out backend and frontend integrations, expanding our dataset to include more cities, and encouraging both businesses and people to join in on the Foodies United movement.

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