My 86 year old grandmother returned home after spending most of February in an ICU battling a weak heart and chronic lung infection. She needs an at-home nurse and daily doctor visits, but with the covid-19 lockdown starting in March she doesn't have access to either.

Her symptoms are relapsing but all help is unreachable. Her choice now is to either risk dying at home or go to the hospital and risk dying of covid-19.

With the home healthcare industry pulling out nurses and doctors, there are 12 million such stories across the country.

Telemedicine is the only feasible way to serve these patients during the lockdown. The home healthcare industry has no telemedicine capabilities since the lack of insurance coverage and government subsidies never incentivized them to do so. Yet they are now required to transition to telemedicine overnight, putting existing telemedicine providers under tremendous stress while patients are left unattended.

Our team's objective is to support the home healthcare industry in serving their patients during the lockdown. With regular consultations and prescribed medication, we hope millions of grandparents and otherwise immuno-compromised individuals will continue to stay safe.

What it does

Target Customer: Patients with existing primary doctor/nurse relationships and a friend/family member at home who can help use technology as well as buy medication

Core Functionality: Patients can book video or phone consultations with their doctor and receive a prescription.

Customer Journey: 1.Doctor/nurse shares a link to their FortitudeHealth calendar with their patients 2.Patients book a available time slot on the doctor/nurse's calendar for a consultation 3.Consultation is done over video/phone, during which time the doctor/nurse writes up a prescription 4.Patient receives their prescription and can now book the next consultation as needed 5.Doctor/nurse reviews their own calendar for their upcoming patient consultations

How I built it

We began with two members defining the product, it's possible versions and wireframes for the immediate prototype.

Each view in the wireframe was tied to a product requirement with annotations of possible technology choices to build it. The annotated wireframe and requirement document were used to onboard team members who replied to our Devpost Teammate Request.

The engineers pulled together the demo, the product manager brought in a consultant from a telehealth company for feedback and gathered customer feedback to construct the final submission.

Challenges I ran into

Time: We learned of this hackathon only on the evening of March 28th. Giving us less than 48 hours to form a team and deliver a working demo. We mitigated this risk by clearly wireframing simplified versions of each feature and assigning a developer to each frame.

Third Party App Dependencies: We've had to stitch together third party apps for calendar and conference features. This created the risk of the product devolving to just orchestrating between third party apps. We mitigated this by importing the calendar features into the product and making the transition to the video conference app similar to the transition from Google Calendar to Hangout.

Industry Regulations and Standards: HIPAA Compliant data storage and transmission

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got behind the mission and developed a working relationship to get it done incredibly quickly. This has positioned us to not only make a strong submission to this hackathon, but also work towards acquiring customers and taking this product to production.

What I learned

We learned that the core value of helping a patient reach their doctor can be delivered even without integrating with Electronic Healthcare Record and insurance provider systems.

FortitudeHealth is meant to exist only for the duration of covid-19 lockdowns. Our mission is better served by adapting FortitudeHealth to every linguistic and ethnic group in the US with investments in scalability and localization than healthcare industry compliance

What's next for FortitudeHealth.Org

Interview local doctors, adapt our product to meet their needs and hopefully acquire some of them as our first customers. Meanwhile, on the technology front, we’ll build native calendar and conferencing capabilities with language support for Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese.

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