Our cities, countries and nations are on pause. Grief is not.

I work in funeral business and have observed that many families lack an easy way to share their souvenirs (photos and videos stored in many different places) and invite contributors easily.  The fact that most people do not have access to curated grief content, we build a tool set for the bereaved in our app.

What it does

Our web app connects people together by giving them access to invite contributors using facebook, they then can share photos and videos to the app. The content then passed through our AI and then used to produce slideshows to present in funeral home settings.

How we built it

.net web app storage in AWS, using some machine learning to identify and sort content.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

200 000 piece of content has been shared and more than 6000 grieving people have been able to connect together to create a unique set of memories

What we learned

Technology needs to be used to better the lives of isolated grieving people.

What's next for Fragment

We want to be able to better connect grieving people together in these hard times.  People are isolated and most will not have access to funeral rituals and will need to connect together. Sharing souvenirs and getting together is something fundamentally human and if we can't do it physically we need to figure a way to cope.  Using the power of facebook to create a space for exchange and healing.

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