Free the world from lock down by COVID-19.


Ever since I gained conscience I have seen my mother serving her time and money into relief work and coming up with projects to help solve different problems for people less privileged. And I have been very much inspired by her, and want to use my Technical skills to solve problems around globally.

What it does

Free the world is very intuitive app. This Web App as of right now displays free food spots around them based on their location and there timings available during COVID-19. This helps less fortunate find some hope to not die from starvation or malnutrition in these already difficult times.

How I built it

I used Google-Maps Places API and built it using Google Cloud.

Challenges I ran into

This is my first time using Google Maps API and using Google Cloud which is why a lot of things were not intuitive. Also I am a one man show, so Website is not attached to the domain yet and its also not available globally. But you can visit the domain above in a few days and you should find the web app running

What's next for Free The World

I am planning to keep working on this project even after the Hackathon and help people worldwide. I already had planned and have a whole wire-frame for the web app to add more resources like Financial assistance offered by organizations and even Individuals, I am also planning to add more assistance features based on different people with disabilities  etc...



goodle-cloud, google-maps, html5, javascript, json

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