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Froyo Party – The Anti-Lonely App

Social distancing has never been so sweet. Virtually connect over topics and interests with likeminded people. Discuss, brainstorm and meet new people in a safe, collaborative environment. The anti-lonely app.  We’re In This Together.

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  • Giving people easy tools to utilize in creative ways
  • The call to action to help the human race mobilize to come up with innovative solutions to help as many people as possible
  • Utilizing our diverse skill set to come together to build our production ready app in 3 days in hopes of being able to provide tools to those in need
  • The next wave of face-to-face interactions through live video and real-time communication
  • Helping combat depression, loneliness, and the need to connect with other humans on a deeper level
  • Having a little fun in midst of the chaos and uncertainty

What it does

Our webapp uses real time video chat to connect you with others through times of social isolation and quarantine.

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How we built it

Friday March 27

  1. We jumped on Google Hangouts to discuss ideas and throw it out on the table
  2. Later that night we regrouped and decided on the idea and chose a name.
  3. We did not overthink the name, we could always change it later to fit specific verticals
  4. We narrowed into a simple MVP scope and identified the use case for our app
  5. We decided to make the platform a simple real time video chat.
  6. We nailed down the key features and broke down each of the components of the app

Saturday March 28

  1. We used Firebase for our backend infrastructure
  2. We used React on the Frontend
  3. We created our low/high fidelity wireframes
  4. We coded out the frontend and implemented the styling
  5. We finalized the design and branding

Sunday March 29

  1. We met in the morning for the last rally
  2. We finished the video and tested it for most of the day
  3. We finished our critical path
  4. We moved onto styling it out to make it look presentable
  5. We configure SSL, DNS and set up a marketing frontend in Wordpress
  6. We did a couple of quick screenshares and put a quick video together
  7. We modified this final submission and uploaded our video to youtube
  8. We finished at 11:57pm

Monday March 30

  1. Submit our Project
  2. Hope people like it


  • Lofton Taylor - Design
  • Terence Pae - Development
  • Dan Carr - Marketing

Challenges we ran into

  • Not getting stuck on what the name would be. There are more important things to work on and not enough time. We were able to move on quickly and be okay with putting more effort into building something production ready instead of wasting time on things we can change when we win this hackathon.
  • Keeping each team member in check when our ideas start to go off the rails a little too much. We had to call each other out we were straying off the path. No scope creep
  • Going 0 to 1 2gether on this idea in 3 days 4 you to connect with others

Froyo Party Demo App

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Potentially helping hundreds of thousands if not, millions of people around the world
  • Entering and shipping something that works
  • See #3 on Challenges we ran into

What we learned

There are a lot of really good ideas and endless possibilities. It’s easy to get lost and stuck in the idea and brainstorming phase. The quicker you can get past this early on, the sooner you can start to lay the design and architecture down and build.

What's next for Froyo Party

  1. Get More Users to use it to connect with others in isolation
  2. Get feedback from as many people as we can
  3. Watch platform like a hawk to find any issues
  4. Fix and smash bugs or make quick improvements
  5. Answer and field any questions for people who need help
  6. Manage our backlog of changes based on what is priority
  7. Build the mobile application for ios and android
  8. Run lead generation and marketing campaigns to promote
  9. Team up with other organizations and partners to improve our reach to those who can utilize our platform
  10. Find new ways to leverage our platform over the next 3 months as we fight the coronavirus.

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