As society comes out of our first COVID-19 spike, all of us are adjusting to our new normal. Similarly, vehicle owners need a new way to have their cars serviced again without placing their safety at risk by spending time in dealerships. Likewise, small business auto dealerships need to generate revenue to stay in business and certified auto techs need to be connected to this service demand without being exposed to densely-populated working conditions.

What it does

FXT is a platform that connects vehicle owners needing oil changes and maintenance in a socially-distanced manner with ASE-certified gig technicians at participating local dealers leveraging service bays that currently sit empty overnight.

How we built it

We built the concept by applying key post-COVID19 psychological, social, and tech trends to our decades of experience in the automotive industry.

Challenges we ran into

The automotive industry is notoriously resistant to change, and dealers are independent businesses that are not under centralized corporate control. As a result, we have designed FXT to meet the specific profit incentives and requirements of dealers while addressing social distancing and convenience concerns from owners needing auto service. Just as importantly, our solution provides much-needed income to certified technicians that can work on a flexible schedule.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have previewed the FXT concept with auto dealers, and they are excited to pilot our solution as they attempt to recover from the severe economic damage caused to the automotive industry by COVID-19!

What we learned

While there are myriad challenges facing tech advancement in the automotive industry, COVID-19 has refocused dealers and technicians on new and innovative ways to survive and flourish as businesses start to re-open. We are at a unique point in history where the industry is hungry for innovation.

What's next for FXT

Our next step is to build an MVP to pilot with hand-raising dealers!



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