Inspiration to help people from getting infections  diseases through Airbone, Droplets from the mouth that harmful

What it does it protect us from getting gems through the Air. In addition is to make a scalable product which is easily replicated across continents thereby cutting in air or sea travels and reducing emissions. Also, an addition to enhance functionalities of air filtering.

How I built it...I built it by combining remnants of fabrics,plastic  bottle heads, EasyCare absorbent Gauze that’s for filtering

Challenges I ran into Challenges I faced is the construction of the the G20 face mask is how to make small tiny holes as a spinneret for easy flowing of Air. The means that I used was to used a nail to make hole in the bottles heads and also my team members are not as creative as I am so it make the whole assemblying difficult for me

Accomplishments that I'm proud of is when people started using the G20 face mask the response they gave was scalable so I decided to produced more but the hands are small in number to work as commercial product that can scale up the eonomy.

What I learned is how to developed an idea to materialized it to a product to solve a pandemic problems in our community.

What's next for G20 Face Mask is to be look out for financial partner to support the idea to be produced in large quantity to support the industry now that we are in a shortage of PPEs.


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