Opinions and speculations in news media regarding COVID-19 are valuable as long as there is a clear label between what is opinion and what is fact.
Additionally, access to a collection of related COVID19 articles by topic, instead of obtaining information in the traditional piecemeal fashion, where related details are often missing, can be valuable to readers.

What it does

GazetteMap allows users to build "Gazette Maps" which are graphs of related COVID-19 articles, categorized by subject. When adding an article to their map, users can scrape the article for the source's summary and title. The users then add their own opinion to the article and save it to their map. When other visitors read a Gazette Map, they will see a clear distinction between what are facts from the articles, and what are the opinions of the creator. Users can comment on Gazette Maps, like them, and follower the creators.


A graphical map editor where users build Gazette Maps. Full social-media functionality (liking, following, commenting, notifications).

How I built it

I used React, Node, and AWS

What's next for GazetteMap

A service where users can identify themselves as experts in a field, and after verification of their expertise, a category labeled "expert graphs" can be added. There is a lot of NLP potential to help users find the COVID-19 data most relevant for them.

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