Right now, thousands of doctors, nurses and frontline workers are at risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus, due to a lack of personal protective equipment (PPE). With not enough masks, gloves and other medical supplies to protect themselves while caring for patients, healthcare workers are in need of donations from their community, from nitrile gloves to homemade surgical masks.

What it does

We built this site to help identify hospitals and other organizations that are severely undersupplied and could really use donations. Through crowdsourcing, we want to make it easier to identify local doctors and nurses that could benefit from donations and get them PPE.

How I built it

Frontend is built with React and integrated with the Mapbox api Backend is built with firebase with web hooks to pull new data in from the typeform

Challenges I ran into

Marketing on twitter was our main approach at first, which had limited success. We then began to look into mutual aid resources as the main approach for growing our platform and have since seen individual donors/requestors grow in number.

What's next for Get Them PPE

We mainly want to focus on the individual to individual donations as we scale. Being able to focus on individuals donating to their community frontline workers allows this platform to impact communities directly.

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json, mapbox, python, react

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