Givr is an actually Android application to give away stuff you no longer use

We have items in our homes that we no longer use and these items can be useful for other persons. Givr helps you to publish the items and find a receptor.

Favors Module allows vulnerable people to find donations of medicine, transportation, food and other. High risk people has prohibited to go out because of Pandemia so this is a good way to find a volunteer for them.

For example; If a lonely grandmother/grandfather or high risk people cannot go out to pick up their medicine or buy food, they can find some volunteer to help them.

What it does

• High Risk people ca find a volunteer and ask for a favor (Medicine, Food, Transportation and other).

• Find or publish stuff you no loger use, this can be useful for other people

How I built it

• Android Jetpack + Kotlin

• Laravel as Backend

• Facebook

• Google+

• Other third parties libraries like CountryPicker, Retrofit, OkHttp, Dagger2

• Free icons resources from Freepik, FlatiCon, IconFinder

Challenges I ran into

Since application is totally non-profit and zero funds I could'nt pay for an ID verification service, so I have some big issues to know if a person is real or not. I allowed user to SignUp with social media only, Facebook and Google to avoid kind of this part. Then it verifies the telephone with firebase.

I am adding ML Kit to take advantage of face recognition classification and tracking object to detect a person holding the ID.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

• Givr first part is done in beta mode and it is already published in the store

• I am already developing Favors module without resting

• 25 people started using the application in Costa Rica to give away items

What I learned

• UX

• Simple is more

• Every person uses your application totally different

• Laravel

• Policy and Privacy - Terms and conditions

• A lot of Android and Laravel

• English

What's next for Givr

• Pandemia has started and this is going to take about 6-12 months to normalize.  With the new coming module "Favors" Givr can help a lot of high risk people.

• Current beta application has some crashes and I am working on that to fix them ASAP.

• iOS version.

• Important:  Need to promote the application so that it reaches all audiences, that everyone knows that it exists and can find the help they are looking for (Video, Advertisements, Publicity)

Try It out



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