The main inspiration for this project is that people near me have gotten COVID19, and quite a few have recovered. Even though people who recover should be back to normal, they don't and still quarantine. This project helps people know that people become immune, helps hospitals connect with these people to get plasma donations (which could save millions of lives, because it can be used internationally), and helps people help around the community with people that need help.

What it does

This project lets people who have had COVID19 and recovered, register to join the registry of people who have had COVID19. This way, after being approved by a doctor viewing the files uploaded, the person is visible on the search tab. This allows for people or hospitals to search near them for people! This way hospitals can search for specific blood types, and people can look at the descriptions, and see whether or not they can help with stuff like mowing their lawn, or helping out the sick. This way, the website could have a significant effect on the population, if enough people from targeted areas globally joined it.

How I built it

The way I build the website was through Next.js, Theme-UI, and Rebass. The backend was build with Node.js and Express, and I stored the data in a HIPAA compliant database, MongoDB. All sensitive data is 256-RSA encrypted in the database and across requests, so no matter what, you know the users data will be secure, even in the minute possibility of a database leak.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenges I ran into were making this HIPAA compliant. I used 256-RSA hybrid encryption with 256-AES encryption. At first I didn't even know what these meant, but I researched into what was and wasn't HIPAA compliant, and had to modify a lot of things. One huge challenge I had was trying to encrypt the file, but after a bunch of guess and check, I realized that the best way to do that was to first turn it into a Base64 URI.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of creating an end user product which is ready for production, as well as managing to make this HIPAA compliant. Another thing I am really proud about is the look of the website. Even though I usually design websites, I'm especially proud of this UI!

What I learned

  • HIPAA Encryption
  • RSA hybrid encryption
  • New UI/React Techniques
  • Heroku CI

What's next for Global COVID19 Registry

Next, I want to advertise it on my twitter and around Hack Club to get people to use it. Also I probably would market it to people near me, to solve my problem which was the inspiration for the project!

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express.js, mongodb, nextjs, node.js, react, rebass, theme-ui

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