I've been traveling constantly around the world for the past 2 years and every time I needed to see a Doctor for a minor health issue I had to go through the same complicated process again and again: find a hospital, drive there, do a lot of paper work, wait in a line and finally see a Doctor who might have not event spoken English well, receive an advice, pay upfront (50-100 usd per visit + medications), file a claim to the insurance and be patient hoping that you can get some money back.

The situation is even more complicated now: being stuck in a different country without an access to a basic healthcare locally is a little scary for me and I know there're millions of people at this very moment wearing the same shoes even if they are in what supposed to be a comfort of their homes & own countries.

I wish I could always have a Doctor within the reach of my smartphone. No complicated registrations, passport restrictions, waiting lines but a simple chat conversation with a medical professional who can help me assess the symptoms and give advice on the next steps within minutes.

I want to build a Global service to give access to millions patients all over the world to be served by the best Doctors by paying a small monthly fee for the peace of mind and 24/7 unlimited answers to any of their questions.

What it does

The App will provide patients with easy and quick chat access to primary healthcare advice by the Doctors from all over the world: for millions of people around the globe to have immediate access to a primary healthcare 24/7;
for Doctors to be empowered to work online

How we will build it

For the past 2 weeks I'm working on a prototype and would like to speed up the process of rapid prototyping by joining forces with designers and developers during this hackaton to move the project to the MVP built stage.  I'm looking for

  • UX expertise to finish the design for the Patient side and build Doctor's UX/UI
  • Software architects to help setup the whole ecosystem around the idea to start implementing the design
  • App Developers (iOS & Android) for the future build
  • Lawyers & Mentos to consult on Terms & Conditions and legal matters; financial model
  • Marketing & Business Development: brainstorm on the best angle to bring it to the market

What's next for Global Doc

  • Finish the prototype for the patients
  • Create the prototype for Dr
  • Recruit Doctors and bring it to the market for user testing as soon as possible

Examples of a few screens of the prototype in progress.



figma, javascript

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