Inspiration All of mankind, by shear existence must contribute to its survival and must be a good steward of nature, sharing knowledge which is as old as the time mankind has being will benefit all of humanity, these viruses could have come in times before recorded history and that's why we now need to go with oral history, traditional practices, folklore and stories, philosophy, quotes, the full expression of language including symbology.

How I built it, in response to the current situation.

Challenges I ran into, this requires a global and more especially traditional information trove.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of, previous winner of the 8th Unisa innovation challenge.

What I learned, To build something of this scale, it requires a global allegiance, sharing of knowledge.

What's next for global medicinal bank, to get assistance from many interested people, doctors both medical and traditional and therapists and those with indigenous knowledge, healers, farmers, agriculturalists, plant experts, plant mineral contents specialists.



google-places, librarycloud, wikipedia

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