The shear number of people dying everyday from COVID19 makes me think some thing to do about it. A close group of people are limited in idea when they find the solutions(Like Carona Vaccine). This is where we can put our innovation to solve these challenges to these close group of people like drug development agencies, pharmaceutical company

What it does

AI and ML to all the existing genes and neucleotide (ACGT) SEQUENCES from genes bank and predict/simulate the new sequence of Virus.

How we built it

By  visiualizating and lesser complex AI modelling as of now which was made on top of python and linux.

Challenges we ran into

Visualization of Genes and nucleotide base( ACGT) and finding the relevnt AI model for  genes. We are a lonely soldier still looking  to sequence of around 3 billion nucleotides (the A C G T bases) which in turn probably encode 35,000 – 50,000 genes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Able to  develop custome visualization and model for Genes.

What we learned

Loads of coding in python and Idea.

What's next for GMaSP:Genes Mapping and  Sequencing platform

GMaSP will have its own computer visin and simualtor which will auto generate the predictive sequence



ai, linux, numpy, python, quantumai, ubuntu

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