Looking at different  music apps, they only allow us to listen to music, download new once and share locally with friends. I thought, can there be a way to tell a friend on your favorite social media platform  e.g #facebook about the track you listen to, the once you love and even share the collection of that artist. I can to me that this can be possible with android. And as an android developer, i decided to build the next music app that will change lives.

What it does

GoMusic, allows you play tracks on your local device storage. But the power of it is that, it allows you to share with friends on facebook what track you're currently listening to, and with a collection of user usage data of favorite albums and artist, we deliver albums related to your likes.

How I built it

I started building this app with java. But with the new updates of kotlin, i decided to switch to kotlin and make the app size lighter and more efficient. It levarages on the powerful facebook sdk and firebase.

Challenges I ran into

Some of my challanges was the android framework. Making the app responsive on different Os versions.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

i'm glad that the app has been downloaded by over 2000 people and a daily active user of 100+ i look forward to providing more features that improve our lives with the new way we listen to music.

What I learned

i learnt about the different cultures of my users. From India to Pakistan and Bangladesh with a high number of active users.

What's next for Go Music

Online streaming of music, Lyrics feature, and Live MX streaming.

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android, firebase, kotlin

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